“It is more important to know what sort of patient has a disease than to know what sort of disease has a patient” – William Osler, M.D

Adrenaline Is a Hormonal Toxin You Rarely Think About

What Do We Define As A Toxin?

It’s easy to think of a toxin basically as a poison that is affecting your health in a negative way. And, that’s correct. However, we rarely think of it in a broader definition to include anything blocking the harmonious flow of energy and/or organ function in your body.  This can include the stress hormone, adrenaline;  I know that is a bit of a stretch for most people but the fact remains, it’s true.

But what about adrenaline?  There is a great book authored by Dr. Platt titled, The Adrenaline Dominance: A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness, which discusses in detail the harmful affects of adrenaline.  I will challenge you now to think of this stress hormone as one of the most injurious toxins, in the form of a hormone which mostly results from our psycho-emotional state.  It is challenging to say the least, to think your way out of adrenaline dominance syndrome but the good news is, thanks to Dr. Platt, we have assistance in the form of progesterone cream. It’s yang to yin; adrenaline to progesterone, the perfect antidote.

What is Adrenaline?  Adrenaline, also referred to as “epinephrine” is known as the survival hormone. It’s the result of “fight or flight” when we were literally running for survival. Unfortunately, we can take the “were” out of that sentence and apply it to daily life now. Almost everyone I see clinically is in “fight or flight” mode, has their jaw tightly clenched either from masking or fear and has a hard time even focusing on the exhalation for more than one or two breaths. Adrenaline increases sugar level in the blood.  Excess adrenaline can lead one to excess anger in the form of PMS and road rage.  The positive side of increased adrenaline is that it provides needed fuel for the brain.

“Most of the conditions resulting from adrenaline dominance are ones from which modern medicine cannot identify the cause”.  Understanding causation is the key to health. Without that, it is almost impossible to affect a long term cure or resolution of symptoms. We do not want to chase symptoms but intimately understand what got us here in the first place. Once that occurs, health can be rapidly achieved and maintained.

Symptoms of Adrenaline dominance:

  •  ADHD (the “good” side of adrenaline dominance)
  •  Depression/Anxiety
  •  Severe anger/road rage
  •  IBS/Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  •  PMS
  •  Insomnia
  •  Hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme, persistent nausea and vomiting during pregnancy)
  •  Inability to relax
  •  Hyperhidrosis (abnormally excessive sweating)
  •  Grinding teeth/jaw clenching

 What can you do about it?

There are many ways to combat stress and thereby reduce adrenaline. You can begin with choosing the right adaptogenic herbs which support your adrenals and your ability to manage stress; make it your ally. Standard Process has the best Ashwagandha and Rhodiola formulas I have ever smelled, tasted and benefited from.  Although this is very helpful in maintaining the vigor your kidneys and adrenals need to stabilize your hormones, according to Dr. Platt, there is a very important component in order to fully recover. That component is diet. “Successfully managing excess adrenaline requires treating the most common reason it occurs- the brain hungry for fuel”.  This is achieved through proper eating, bio-identical hormones and appropriate supplementation for the brain and adaptogens such as ashwagandha. “This combined usually brings about a significant drop in adrenaline  within 24 hours, along with the elimination of many, if not all of the patients symptoms”. Well hooray to that!

Turns out that the perfect hormone to balance out adrenaline is in fact, progesterone. Using natural, transdermal cream at the strength of 5% is your best bet. You don’t need a prescription for this and you can apply it freely. You can not overdose from progesterone. It’s best to purchase the bio-identical version because your body cannot convert wild yam cream into progesterone.  Go ahead and get your progesterone today! If you don’t feel it’s beneficial effect within 24 hours, it may not be what you need to balance your hormones and increase your fertility.

Case Study:  a 34year old woman came to see me to prepare for an egg retrieval.  She was working with a Fertility clinic in town and wanted to do everything she could prior to having a successful egg retrieval with the highest quality embryos possible.  I diagnosed her with Adrenaline dominance pattern due to her symptoms, she fit the profile exactly as Dr. Platt has described it.

Her parents were paying for her to come see me.  This is an important part of the Fertility journey because the second chakra, where our reproductive organs are, is connected to the energy of money, either abundance or lacking. Because her parents had an unlimited budget to help her, it just took the money stress right out of the equation. What does this have to do with the case study? I felt free to prescribe everything without hesitation.

Her protocol included Standard Process Wheat Germ Oil (enhances female sex hormones), Ovatrophin and Ovex (both to support ovarian function), the LifeWave X-39 Stem Cell Patch and Dr. Platt’s Progesterone 5% cream.

She was compliant in doing everything per instruction and after 4 sessions, whereby I combine acupuncture with LED Light therapy, she conceived naturally!!! She did not have to work with the fertility clinic or do an egg retrieval.  She, and her parents, were thrilled!