Podcast Appearance on Born to Talk Radio Show

Silver microphone on stand ready for podcast interview

Appearance on Born to Talk Radio Show with Marsha Wietecha With decades of experience, Jennifer Waters, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., is committed to providing education and sharing her expertise in the field of light therapy and acupuncture. She is also passionate about Zen meditation and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), focusing on how physical and emotional components affect…

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Wesley Burwell, Light Therapy, & Fertility

colors of light on the visible spectrum easily absorbed into the body

Light Therapy, IVF, and Fertility Enhancement This video is part of an interview we conducted with Wesley Burwell on light therapy. Check out our previous conversation with Wesley on Intelligent Aging. Can the healing power of light improve a person’s ability to get pregnant? While many factors affect fertility, light therapy can increase circulation, reduce…

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Cultivating Ageless Eggs

improving egg quality

8 Ways to Improve Egg Quality. The way we do this is to remove, replace and regenerate. Increase Your Stem Cells.                                                                     …

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Stem Cell Activation to Prevent Miscarriage

Stem Cell Activation to Prevent Miscarriage The True Causes Of Health, And How To Prevent Disease In The Shortest, Simplest, Easiest Way Possible. I’d like to share with you a study from Science Daily. Lack of stem cells to blame for recurrent miscarriages. If you have had recurring pregnancy loss or a miscarriage, you really…

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7 Lifestyle Strategies To Participate In Your 2-Week Wait

Don’t Wait, Participate! During The Two- Week Wait  Navigating The Two Week Wait. You have finally made it! The day you have prepared for, embryo transfer day, has arrived. Some of you have invested many years, many surgeries and many tears for this moment to arrive.  You are looking forward the sigh of relief upon…

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Why You Need A Gut Test

Why You Need A Gut Test   Starting at the end, here is my favorite place to begin, with the main point! I will say that affording yourself the most affordable and comprehensive gut test on the market is a very good investment. I will share the details of why you may be interested in…

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Endometriosis And Urinary Tract Infections

Endometriosis And Urinary Tract Infections   If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis and you have to “pee all the time”, there is one common cause you probably haven’t considered.   Pubic Symphysis.   What do endometriosis and incontinence have in common? The location of your uterus of course!! Ladies, the uterus is your universe.…

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