When All Else Fails

I want to take a few moments to honor the struggles that everyone’s been going through. I know it’s been a very challenging time. I receive a lot of emails and texts from people that are feeling at their wit’s ends. I want to let you know that you’re not alone. We are all in some version variation of a struggle here.

Peaceful path

Today we are focusing on some things that you can do when you feel like you’ve tried everything.


How We Feel Affects Our Biology.


It is amazing what is available to us now. Stop and think about your grandparents, your great-grandparents. They didn’t have access to all of the information available like we do now, especially when it comes to things like emotional relief, and trauma relief therapy.


Nowadays we can do things online. You don’t necessarily have to find somebody in your area that you have to go to. Keep an eye on my website I’m developing more resources for you.


I encourage everybody to do as much as they possibly can in the emotional realm because remember that’s where everything begins and ends. How we feel is affecting our biology. It is, we can now prove it. If you have a certain goal that you wanna achieve, but your feeling doesn’t match that goal, it’s going to be much more challenging to achieve it. The goal, the outcomes, whatever the word is that you’re using, whatever you’re trying to manifest. When your feelings are in alignment with what you’re trying to create, you’re much more likely to manifest them.


There are lots of ways we can shift our emotions.


You have to be honest though.


If you’re feeling depressed or angry, you can’t just tell yourself that you are happy all of a sudden. You really have to kind of exercise those negative emotions out through talk therapy, EFT, EMDR, get into nature, whatever it takes for you to

allow the feelings to change on their own all allow you to get to a place of more content.


An Inspiring Article Of A Women Who Shares What Helped Her Recover From A Seizure Disorder. 


Here is a list of things that I read from an article, from somebody who recovered from a chronic seizure disorder that she developed later in life. The doctors, most of the physicians she had encountered told her there was nothing that she could do. We hear this all the time. This is one of the reasons why I love working at CNY fertility with Dr. Kiltz. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that there’s nothing left to do. There’s nothing you can do. It’s just not true. None of us know when we’ve reached our end until obviously, our heartbeat stops. And until then there are so many different things that we can do in order to bring about change on a cellular level, organ level, and an emotional level.




Enjoy your relationships. I can guarantee if you’re having a bad day today, chances are it’s because you’re focused on yourself.


The more you think about yourself and your problems and your woes, and what’s happened to you in your life and the situation you’re in, the worse your day is gonna be, it really is. It’s a fact, that the more you can think about others, putting your focus on other people, their challenges, their struggles, what is their life like? The hardships that they’ve endured? It’s going to help shift your perspective to allow some energy, to move out of your own self and into others.


The other thing that I love to do in my relationships is really show interest in my friends or the people around me. It’s amazing what happens. You can really deepen your relationships with others when you’re genuinely interested in their life and what brought them to this moment and things that they may be interested in. And I know it sounds a little bit crazy to say such basic things, but it’s true. So many people are stuck on their devices, heads down in their own little world. We have to sort of push back against that now and open up to the world that’s around us. These are human beings. These are your friends, your tribe, and people that care about you, so try to show some interest.


Getting Enough Rest.


The next thing is rest. Really, if you feel like you’ve done everything that you can, you’re not getting the results that you would hope for. Let’s focus on getting you to sleep better. There are all these different devices that can track our sleep. The Oura ring is one. Here’s the thing. Most of us are not sleeping great. Most of us are staying up too late. We’re on our devices too late. So try to start a sleep ritual. Start unplugging earlier.


Electromagnetic Frequencies.


I recently bought a device to measure the amount of electromagnetic frequencies in my room, in particular, my bedroom. I was amazed at how much negative current is coming out of the wall when a device is plugged in.


So if there’s one thing you can do to improve your health, the simplest easiest thing you can do right now is start unplugging things around your bed. You don’t need to sleep with the light plugged in or with your cell phone charging right next to you. These electromagnetic frequencies are affecting your tissues.


If you have chronic things that are hard to overcome, whether it’s viral, candida, mold, fungal, whatever, if you’re not winning the battle, there is something that is affecting your health, how your organs are functioning, and your immune system. We have to look at EMF as a part of the puzzle. So unplug, I could not believe the difference in the meter reading of the light that was plugged in next to my bed versus unplugged or plugged in.




Keep moving. Try to not get up and then sit. I know it’s easy. It’s what we all wanna do.


If you drink caffeine in the morning, this is the time you wanna utilize the energy that you’re creating with your caffeine buzz, right? Get up and get moving. I have a mini-trampoline. I live in upstate New York. It’s cold more than half the year or it’s raining the other half, so it can be challenging going outside. So what I do on those days or months is jump on my trampoline. Five minutes of jumping helps move your lymphatic system. This is how we get real energy. And we start creating change in the body. That’s going to help us going forward.


Clean House.

I’m a huge fan of cleaning our homes as our grandparents and great-grandparents did. They got up and cleaned their homes. Sweeping, vacuuming. It’s going to help. When you live in an environment that’s sparkly, clean, and shiny, you will feel better, most likely. I know I do.




Meditation. Now that’s a lofty word. Those of you that know me. Know, I don’t really use that word anymore because when people hear the word meditation, they almost always think, well, I can’t do that. I’m not doing it right. She’s doing it over there and looks really peaceful. And my mind is so busy I can’t meditate.

All of that is not true. It looks like people are concentrating and are peaceful when they’re sitting still and they’re quiet, but the nature of the mind is to think, so everybody’s mind is thinking, racing, and moving. Awareness practice. There’s a huge benefit to sitting down and committing 10 or 15 minutes to observe your mind. Just watch it. Think of yourself, as going to the movies, the movie of your very own mind praying is meditation. It certainly is a type of meditation. There are lots of different kinds of meditation out there. Try it all out. See what you like. If you’re drawn to something, chances are, that’s what you need to do, at least for a time being.


I highly recommend learning to concentrate the mind. We are so quick to jump to a pill or a patch or a product in order to bring about change. But a lot of times the first layers of change are the simplest things we can do, like learning to pray for what we want and learning to interrupt the busy mind. How are you gonna do that? With practice.


Sound & Light Therapy.


Try introducing some sound therapy into your home, into your environment.

I’m amazed if I’m home alone and I don’t know what to do for the next couple hours and I’m bored, not bored, but you know, like, okay, I don’t have that much energy, but I still wanna do something.


I introduce sound into my environment. I like to use Spotify, with all their different kinds of healing tones, and choices. It completely changes my entire evening. It is amazing. And it affects everybody else in my house, probably the whole neighborhood. I have a friend, who transmits the sound frequencies outside of her house. She’ll play sound for the neighborhood. And I say, thank you, thank you. Let’s work together to raise up the vibration for everybody in our whole town, community, world, and country. It’s what we need.


Begin using Light Therapies daily. Using the LifeWave phototherapy patches will accelerate your biological response and function. All the science is there to prove it regardless if you feel it or not.  I call this Intelligent Aging and created the 5 Day Meridian Reset for you to create immediate, lasting benefits in just five days. It includes the Y-Age Trio. We are both biochemical and bioelectrical beings so begin supporting that by applying these amazing little patches of light.


Receiving Freely.


Ask for help and learn to receive. I’m amazed at how many women, in particular, I mostly work with women in the clinic. I encourage them to start visualizing light coming in through their crown chakra, through the top of their head, infusing their whole body with golden light, which helps to transform negativity.


It’s challenging for a lot of women to receive that. Practice receiving. In the meditation groups that I lead, I do a couple online. What I like to do personally is receive the golden light, and use that light to transform anything negative or dark within my body, negativity, any stuck energy, and transform it. And then exhale out the golden light.


We don’t necessarily wanna inhale gold and exhale dark. We want to transform the energy. We are very powerful co-creators and we can do really whatever we want in our life. Sometimes, we don’t believe it because we don’t feel it. But if you can get to that place where your body is the transformation of negativity, then we can send out the light. And then it becomes not just about us. It’s about everyone. If we are literally one, I’m sure you’ve all heard this. We are all one. If that’s true, then let’s share that positive vibration for the benefit of all beings.


Become Self-reliant.

The author of this story that inspired me to talk about this was talking about it in a different way, but I’ve said this before. My secret mission for everyone is to become your own doctor. I know it’s a lofty goal, but it’s just my little secret desire that everybody begins to trust their intuition, to know ultimately what they need.  I’m not saying that it’s easy, but I believe that if you can start tuning in to yourself and your needs, you will be able to make the best decisions for you, whether it’s nutrition, supplements, or whatever additional practices do you need?


Do you wanna do LED light therapy? Do you wanna do phototherapy? Do you wanna do hypnosis? Almost always. I ask, patients in the clinic. So, you know, what do you think caused your PCOS endometriosis? Whatever it is. Very few people know. Almost always. They say they externalize and say, well, my doctor said this or the nurse said that that’s not what I’m asking. I want people to just be creative. Explore. What do you think caused it?


The work that I do is really based on root causation, what could be causing whatever imbalances are in your body. There is almost always, if not always some cause, right? So we can be a little creative and take a look at what’s causing it.




Hydrate properly. So here’s the thing about hydration. Most people are drinking enough. Let’s assume that you are the general rule of thumb is half your body weight ounces. So if you weigh 200 pounds, you wanna drink a hundred ounces of fluid. For every cup of caffeine or alcohol, you have to add more because they’re dehydrating. If you’re drinking all day and then you pee it out, you’re probably not absorbing. So we have to look at how can we do deeper hydration so that you’re not just peeing it out all day.

Drinking, a little bit of coconut water every day, although it is high in histamines, is very hydrating. Adding some lemon into your water or cucumber is also very hydrating. You shouldn’t be drinking and tinking all day and then still feeling thirsty.


So we have to look at proper hydration. One of the theories about dehydration is that all blood clots are connected to dehydration. So think about that. If you have fibroids or endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, painful periods, or clots, think about really improving your hydration.


Changing The Way You Eat.

So this is not what you eat. Everybody knows already what you should be eating pretty much and when to eat. We’ve talked about that, but how do we eat? Turn your meal times into a little bit of a ritual as an offering, as a practice of gratitude as a form of meditation, back in the eighties, I got involved with a macrobiotic eating system and we all came together to share meals, which was really nice. And we were encouraged. Everybody had to chew each bite of food 100 times. It is amazing what happens when you chew food 100 times per bite, try it. I’m not gonna tell you what happens. Find out for yourself.


Avoid And Eliminate Toxins.


The next one is to avoid and eliminate toxins. That’s one of my special interests. You can download a guide about toxins and how they are affecting your fertility.


If you want to do purification practices you have no choice, especially if you have a history of recurring pregnancy loss, miscarriage, or a decline in egg quality, you have to do some purification practices.


We are affected by heavy metals, environmental toxins, by glyphosate. So we have to get these things out of us, plasticizers. These are hormone disruptors. So please, and it’s not that hard, do include some purification practices in your daily life.


Developing Will Power.

Develop your will. Think about developing willpower. What does that mean for you? Where, in which areas of your life, could you be a little bit more disciplined? Nicer? Working towards reducing your negative emotions? Willpower in Chinese medicine is connected to the kidneys. “Zhi” is the term. And as you may already know, the kidney bladder system is the foundation of reproduction. And so we can assume if you have goodwill then your kidneys are functioning well.  We want to get our feelings to match the goal.


Thanks for reading and visiting my blog.


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