Tips for Thriving in Winter

As we head towards the shortest day of the year, it’s important to remember that we are a community.  Everyone feels the effects of the darkness and strives to have more light in their life.  We are in this together and must support each other through this often challenging time.

For those of you with large families, it can be very stressful.  For those of you with disjointed or limited families, that is also stressful.

Christmas is a feeling.  It doesn’t have to be anything other than a feeling of enthusiasm and light heartedness surrounding that fact that most everyone has the day off!  I like to use the car when I am taxi driver for my daughter and her friends to lecture them (aka parenting).  So far, it’s really worked well.

When I was lecturing on the fact that  if this season is not about getting presents, then what is it? My daughters friend said, “it’s about the music, the food, the decorations and spending time together!” What a wonderful truth shared by a 13 year old.  Let’s relish in that and enjoy these upcoming weeks.

I rely on the very effective tools that are so readily available to all of us now thanks to YouTube, Glo, Ted Talks, Audible, and more.  While we are in the dark season, utilize the tools that are tried and true and readily available:

  • Yoga 
  • a great TED Talk about the benefits of Pranayama 
  • another powerful and personal story about life changing experience via Meditation ),
  • Sauna Therapy: great information from a fellow L.Ac. about the benefits of sweating and detox
  • Listening. When I’m home alone, my favorite thing to do is listen to inspiring authors such as Caroline Myss and Bruce Lipton. Bruce’s talk, “How to Program Your Mind While You Sleep “ is well-worth listening to and no one can say, “I don’t have time to do this!”

Enjoy the season, embrace the dark and the light will follow. We cannot have one without the other.  Reality is inseparable, we have to embrace it all simultaneously.

For the benefit of all beings, I dedicate any merit generated by me and through me and our business.