Nervous System Reset And Fertility

Nervous System Reset

Optimize your overall egg quality. Together let’s find solutions, techniques, and information. We’re inundated in the market with lots of information about diet, targeted supplements, meditation, yoga, and sound therapy.  So much stuff! I’m here to share with you what you maybe haven’t encountered in the world of light therapy, phototherapy, and how we can get your body to change from the inside out to interrupt patterns in your mind, in your energetic field, that could allow you to create a change that you need in order to conceive.

Solutions, Techniques, and Information

I really wish that health and life were based on logic, right? I think that everybody wishes that, but we now know the truth is we don’t really know what is going to help you because what helps one person doesn’t help another and vice versa.

We’re all part of, of this great mystery of life. All we can do is set our motivation to be as positive as we possibly can and to try new things. This is why I love CNY fertility and Dr. Kilts is that he’s, open-minded, he’s willing to try things that you haven’t tried before. We don’t keep doing the same things over and over.

The Season Of Spring And Organ Detoxification

From a Chinese medicine point of view, this is the season of the liver and the gallbladder. Organs of detoxification and elimination. The liver accumulates a lot of stuff that we wanna get rid of. Primarily though, I want you to remember what it accumulates is negativity, anger, and the emotion of anger. It often comes out in the spring. So if you’re feeling more irritable,  that’s often why it’s your liver saying, Hey, wow, I feel a little burdened here. Is there anything that you could do, to help me feel less burdened? How can we lighten up?

This is a great time to explore the best light patches you feel will work for you. I have a little intake form for you to fill out. We can customize which patch, depending on your situation is the best one to get started with. We want to choose the best, right patch for you. And there’s information about optimizing egg quality. When you purchase from the company directly, you have 90 days for returns or getting your money back. It’s patented and includes a hundred percent money-back guarantee.

Resetting Your Nervous System

If there’s one system to work on in the body, that’s going to help you overall, it’s your nervous system. It’s probably the most primal system in the body. It has the most power in a way because it controls everything because it’s directly connected to the brain. So it is the brain, right? Our nervous system. Our nervous system is also in control of our endocrine system.

Your Nervous System – Fight Or Flight

Your nervous system is so important because it controls your endocrine system. When we’re dealing with fertility, we want our nervous system to be functioning in a relaxed state. I’ve been in clinical practice for over 20 years and people used to be kind of relaxed. And now, not that many people are

relaxed anymore. Have you noticed that people are stuck in fight or flight? I don’t want you to feel bad about this. It’s not your fault. Everybody’s a little uptight. All you have to do is turn on the TV and we’re inundated with bad news.

So what’s happening is what used to be fight or flight. When something would happen. We’d get spooked. The adrenaline would surge and then we’d be like, oh, okay, nothing bad is going to happen. Whew. Let’s move on. The adrenaline drops. We go back to a relaxed state.

That’s not happening anymore. People are waking up in fight or flight or they go to sleep in fight or flight mode, and then that stays with them throughout the night. What do you think is waking you up all night? Generally, it is adrenaline. The adrenal dominance pattern is what’s waking people up all night and then they wake up in the morning not feeling refreshed. And then it continues to surge throughout the day.

Your Innate Wisdom

I want you to start thinking about your wisdom, like a wave there are peaks and valleys. And when you are in a resilient state, you’re able to adapt to something stressful happening. You might react but then you go back to a relaxed state.

You should feel some kind of stress throughout the day. It means that you care. It means that you’re awake. It means that you’re out in the world, engaging in life and life can be stressful. Not all stress is bad, right? We have to stop thinking, oh, stress is bad. We don’t want any stress. No, that means you have no stress. That means you’re probably just sitting on the couch all day, which is not necessarily the goal here. I mean, of course, we all need to take breaks, but I think you get my point. So you have to make stress your ally and you want to have a resilient, nervous system.

You want to be able to notice when you’re in this fight or flight mode and when you’re not okay.

Becoming Aware

You want to be able to detect and work within your nervous system. Becoming really aware and have the techniques and tools that you can readily do when needed to help you down-regulate or say, okay, I’m stressed now.

Tongue Toes Technique

So this little technique I’ve been working on, I call on some reasoning why we use the tongue. I cover how to do this technique in one of my videos.

it the Tongue Toes Hum. It really only takes a couple of minutes, but there'(Tongue Toes Hum 8:57. Placing teeth between teeth 12:31. Full technique 12:31.)

Tongue – Place tongue between your top and bottom teeth.                         Toes – Gently curl your toes under. This gets you out of your head. See below for more details about curling your toes.                                                                 Breathe – Take a deep breath.

Jaw Clenching And Egg Quality

What does jaw clenching have to do with decreasing your egg quality? When we clench our jaw, a lot of things happen. Our back molars are touching, sending the signal to the brain to say danger, danger.

That’s the first sign of fight or flight clenching the jaw. It’s telling your nervous system to stay on, something bad is going to happen. With the way

the law of attraction works, it often does. If you’re walking around like something bad is gonna happen, it might. So please try to not do that.

So this is also home to the stomach channel, which runs down and goes up. We’re really stressing out our digestive system every time that we’re clenching our jaw. A lot of my influence for this little technique that I created is from the work of AC fonder, who was a dentist in the 1950s, he must have been a very eccentric forward-thinking, dentist, the kind we like because he was able to study the jaw and the TMJ joint and explained how important it is. First of all, it’s the only joint in the body that’s designed to move in so many directions. When you’re clenching, you’re pulling your head off of the axis, which can be detrimental to pulling on the cervical spine, which is very important for your nervous system. And it’s also connected to the duramadre. Which covers your whole brain. Your skull also goes all the way down to your coxis, to your tailbone. When you’re clenching, you’re affecting your entire spine and your whole nervous system.

What does that do? That keeps you in adrenaline dominance. So when you ovulate, your eggs are being released into the follicular fluid. This follicular fluid is a representation of your whole body, right? Your mind, body, spirit, hormones, toxins. So these are the two areas that are really important, right? Adrenaline is considered to be a negative hormone. It is a toxic hormone. If you’re clenching, while ovulating you’ve got this precious egg coming into this fluid and then suddenly gets assaulted by this adrenaline. What do you think is gonna happen to it? It’s going to be affected. There will be cellular damage.

Let’s say you’re in a hundred-day program.  And you’re like, I’m really gonna do everything I possibly can in a hundred days to improve my outcomes, in particular, my end quality. And then in the last week, you’re in this stress state, you don’t even know it, then all of the good that you’ve done can be easily undone. What you can do in this situation is practice the Tongue Toes Hum mentioned above.

Put your tongue between your top and bottom teeth. This action helps stop you from clenching because you’re not going to consciously bite your tongue. At least I hope you don’t please don’t do that. That would be self-harm. Most of us don’t wanna bite our tongues. I hate it when I do that. I’m sure you do too. It’s terrible. It also creates space between your back molars, which is now sending the signal to your brain to relax. If you happen to be coming to CNY fertility and you happen to be coming after nine o’clock in the morning and it happens to be a long wait, all right. Instead of getting annoyed and thinking, oh my gosh, I have to sit here and wait, no, I want you to think this is my life and I’m going to enjoy it. And I’m going to use whatever time that I have to benefit myself and maybe those around me. I’m gonna practice this technique and see how relaxed I can become. Practice putting your tongue there to create this space.

Tongue Heart Connection

One other thing about the tongue. It is actually physically connected to your heart. I don’t know if you realize that, but I have had the good fortune of doing some cadaver dissection and confirmed it. When I pulled on the tongue, which I’ve had done to me in the past. Another story for another time. I actually moved the heart. It’s pretty wild. You know, in yoga, they do that. Lion’s breath. Ah, they stick out their tongue. It releases the chest, opens the chest, relaxes the heart, it is physically connected.

The Toes

I want you to gently curl your toes. No, I did not make this part up. Right? This is part of the associative awareness technique, as done by Kelly Brunscheen, the extraordinary P.T that works at my clinic every Tuesday. Gently curl the toes. This gets you out of your mind, right? All the problems begin and end right here. It’s the good news and the challenging news, right? You are the solution and the problem. So let’s get you out of your head. Ground yourself, down into your feet. Our thoughts just lead to more thoughts. For a couple of minutes today, gently curl your toes. Getting out of the head.

There are a lot of acupuncture points on the toes. Some of the most powerful acupuncture points in the body are on the fingertips and toes.

This is part of why I love the phototherapy patches. We can patch on those very potent points. We can heat up the points. We can use magnets. There are other things that we can do to activate those points. But by gently curling your toes you’re activating those points, the meridians. And then I want you to breathe. Practice my Toes Tongue Hum and see what happens. See if you can feel yourself down-regulating.

When The Nervous System Is Stuck In Overdrive 

The adrenaline dominance pattern does not help you in your fertility. It is really affecting your reproductive organs and your endocrine system.

What causes the nervous system to be stuck on overdrive?  Aside from trauma, there is a psycho-emotional component. If you’ve had some physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma in the past, please find somebody that does that trauma relief in particular.

Environmental Toxins

Environmental toxins are ubiquitous. They are everywhere. They are in our food water, our pharmaceutical drugs. They are affecting us. We’re all affected by it.

Practice some easy purification practices. The first step is to become aware. If your nervous system isn’t in overdrive, you may have some environmental toxins. Download my guide on my website. I have resources already compiled for you from when I did a lot of studies on environmental toxins and how they have affected fertility in particular.

The good news is we’ve got good solutions and, um, what to do, whether you’ve got a month or a hundred days or 108 days, whatever it is, let’s get going.

Q And A From Customers – Wake Up Your Cells

Katie: I got your samples. I don’t know when to use them.

Jennifer: Use them now. When you’re using light, you are waking up the body to do what it was designed to do, which is heal and repair itself. And you can do that anytime. I don’t care. If you’re preparing for a retrieval, you just had a transfer. You’re waiting for a prep-positive pregnancy test. You’ve got a one-month-old. You are six months pregnant. It does not matter. What I want you to do is use those patches. If you’re not sure if it’s the right side or the left side, put ’em on in the middle, you cannot go wrong with putting, a patch on your throat on the back of your neck, below the navel.

In my guide, you’ll see the locations for the patches, and all the information that you need to start putting the patches on.

Q: Is the red light therapy they have at the gym, a good thing to do?

Jennifer: Yes. Any opportunity you have to do light do it. Here’s a video of Dr. Kiltz talking about LED lights. It’s good. It’s short and why we want to use light. Now, remember when they say red light, they mean red and near-infrared. You’re gonna get two wavelengths. So the red light warms up the tissue. So the near-infrared can go in deeper. So you have to be careful if you think you might be pregnant, don’t put it over your abdomen.

Disclaimer: The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions of Jennifer Waters and her office co-mates, unless otherwise noted. Individual articles are based upon the opinions of the respective author, who retains copyright as marked. Jennifer Waters and her team encourage you to make your own health care decisions based on your research in partnership with a qualified health professional.If you’re trying to conceive, put the pads anywhere red light is going to help you. It donates energy to your cells, through the mitochondria. It wakes up your cells to do what they’re designed to do. It’s amazing. You can get so much done using light therapy, that in a short amount of time, that might take months if not ever in the supplement world.

We can bring about a lot of change in a short amount of time. I have a good testimonial of that. A husband came to me a couple of months ago. He was concerned, with his motility morphology and we put him on a protocol and they conceived naturally the next month. So I thought that was cool. That was cool. We like good news. Very good news.
















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