If you view the word anti-biotics as “anti-life”, you may be reluctant to include them in your wellness regime. Most especially if you are pregnant, trying to conceive and aiming to “include-life” and not repel it. I am happy to share with you this incredible product

Exerpted from Myco Herb: Full Line of Nutritive Mushroms, distributed by www.craneherb.com

Myco-Forte is a five fungi blend of some of the most nutrient-rich musthooms known to modern and traditional science and medicine. They contain active ingredients specific to the immune system which promote one’s innate ability to detect, isolate and destroy foreign entitues which are believed to cause sickness and disease. These medicinal fungi possess antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic, and anticarcinogenic properties, which means that they are indicated for treating conditions ranging from common cold to cancer. In Traditional Chinese Medicine terms, Myco-Forte stokes the Ming-Men fire (the Gate of Vitality), clears toxicity, revitalizes Blood, and nourishes Yin.

As if that were not enough!! Here is a list of the actual properties of these unique mushroom blend: Replenishes moisture of the lung; fortifies the kidneys, supplements the defensive qi (immune system) and blood without generating excess heat or damp, dispels phlegm, fortifies the bones, strengthens the intestines and internal organs, nourishes the brain, allays cough accompanied by dryness and heat, eliminates food stagnation, allays hunger, lightens the body, soothes and elevates the spirit. WOW! I can honestly attest to this being true. I have been a myco-junkie now for 3 years and it saves me every winter!!

Active compounds include (for all you science types out there): polysaccharides, glucosides, sterols, amino acids, glutamic acid, cordycepin, enzymes, lipids, volatile oils, vitamins, proteins, trace minerals!

Who will benefit from this formula? Anyone with:
•Immune deficiency
•Chronic viral illness
•Chronic fatigue
•Respiratory weakness, cough accompanied by Dryness and Heat
•Frailty, weakness, exhaustion
•Symptoms of poor digestion and food stagnation
•Depression and Anxiety