Endometriosis And Urinary Tract Infections

Endometriosis And Urinary Tract Infections


If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis and you have to “pee all the time”, there is one common cause you probably haven’t considered.


Pubic Symphysis.


What do endometriosis and incontinence have in common? The location of your uterus of course!! Ladies, the uterus is your universe. The uterus is designed to move. She’s going to change from the size of a pear to a watermelon. This is why she’s held in place by ligaments. She stretches out during pregnancy and while giving birth. I would like you to get familiar with your pubic symphysis. It’s the middle of your pubic bone. Take a look at the short video I filmed for you showing about your pubic symphysis, bladder location and how they are tied together.


If you want to look at the root cause of endometriosis and an overactive bladder, you have to look at the location of your uterus.


The Weak Link


The bladder is often a weak link so to speak for many women. If you take a look at the UB acupuncture meridian, you will see that there is a lot of room for “error” meaning congestion, weakness, impact. It is the longest channel in the body, running along the spine and is most directly linked with any kind of back pain.  Keeping this channel open, free and unblocked is essential for a pain free, symptom free, life.


If the UB is your weak link, you need to understand the elements that can tip the scales so to speak. Coffee, chocolate, excess spice can all contribute to a UTI or simply a burning sensation upon urination. This excess can impact your uterus and can further the problem of endometrial tissue being forced out of the uterus in a harmful way.


Steps to prevent/improve:


  1. First, always connect with the information. Does this make sense to you? Do you remember a time that you fell on the ice? Off a horse? Any impact whereby your uterus would be shifted out of alignment?
  2. If you can’t remember exactly a time when you had an impact to your lower back, answer these questions:
    1. I wear/wore high heels chronically
    2. I get severe menstrual cramps either in anterior or posterior (ie, front or back)
    3. I get UTI’s for no obvious reason
    4. I have to pee more frequently before my period (good to pay attention to this)
  3. Learn the ARVIGO self-care massage to lift your uterus up off your bladder- find a practitioner to assist you
  4. Use phototherapy patches daily at CV 3
    1. Benefits of CV3
    2. Benefits of phototherapy patching
      1. Daily use
      2. Not needles
      3. Long term, lasting results when used for 3 months
  5. Get acupuncture
  6. Use natural remedies, such as Standard Process UricoPhytosynergist or Cranberry Complex tablets, to treat a UTI- no need for antibiotics if you have the right formulas, right time and right dosage
  7. For a specific protocol to treat endo, whereby we strengthen the spleen, email me and/or check out my blog


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