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How to increase quality cervical mucus and support ovulation during your follicular phase.

Whether you are attempting the old-fashioned way or embracing the steps towards an IUI, high-quality cervical mucus during your ovulation time is what you want.

Female cervical mucus is the equivalent of semen in men. This slippery lubricant is your main indicator for the best timing during your ovulation window.

These *two weeks prior to ovulation is an optimal time to get you on track to creating as much healthy & high-quality cervical mucus as possible.

These suggestions invite you to be proactive so that you are not waiting but participating in creating the outcome you desire.

Creating Quality Cervical Mucus and Supporting Ovulation

Arvigo Techniques
Find an Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapist via to learn the Self-Care Massage. Self-care massage is one aspect of this wonderful, age-old Mayan tradition. This is something you can incorporate into your daily or weekly self-care routine and will increase blood flow to your pelvis and therefore help to increase cervical mucus. If nothing else, it will help eliminate any stasis or stuck qi/blood which may increase sexual desire. So that’s a bonus since trying to conceive can very often make love-making feel forced or another task to do. There are some studies that show that orgasm can actually improve outcomes.

Herbal Vagi-Steaming
Also known as Perineal Hydrotherapy: This also comes to us from the ATMAT world and practitioners of this therapy. These therapies are used to assist in the cleansing of the uterus in conjunction with Arvigo Therapy for the treatment of numerous female symptoms.

Here’s how to do a vaginal steam bath, or “Bajos” (ba-hoes), as they are known in Spanish:
Gather PLANTS, fresh or dried: The most commonly used are marigold, oregano, basil, rosemary, motherwort, St. John’s wort, chamomile, damiana, red clover, dandelion, yellow dock, squaw vine, horsetail, Mexican wormseed (epazote).

DIRECTIONS: This is if you are doing this at home. Collect plants using prayer and a clear intention of healing. If using a fresh plant; about 1 quart, if using dry; about a cup.

In a large pot containing about a gallon of water, place the above plants. Crush the herbs into the water thanking them for helping with your healing.
Offer prayers nine times. These prayers can be whatever Spirit offers you guidance; Goddess, Jesus, Christ, God, Mother Earth, Father in Heaven, etc.) It is Prayer, faith, and Intention that are important.

Bring this to a soft boil for 5 minutes; then steep for 10 minutes with the lid on. With the pot under a slatted chair, lawn chair, etc., sit on the chair without underwear.

Wear socks to keep your feet warm, draping fully with a blanket around your waist to the floor. Be careful not to allow any draft underneath you. Be sure you are enclosed by the blankets from the waist down, and something warm from the waist up.

Sitting quietly over your pot of herbal steam for 20 minutes, meditate, read, enjoy and find pleasure in the herbal healing. The heat should feel warm and pleasant. If it is too warm, remove the pot for a few minutes.

After the vaginal steam bath, wrap yourself in the blanket allowing a time of rest and meditation for about 20 minutes or so. Be careful not to allow cool drafts and temperature changes.

Depending upon the condition you are treating, vaginal steam baths are done prior to menses or just after. Expect changes in your vaginal discharge and menstruation; these are normal cleansing reactions.

Inform your practitioner if you have any unusual discharge or response to this treatment. Vagi-steaming stools can be made or purchased. One option can be found on the website. If you are more inclined towards the Korean higher-tech approach, you can purchase one from That is what I use both at home and in the clinic. Clients LOVE it, it works extremely well and is easy to clean.

Monique Prince, a New Hampshire-based Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) clinician, says that nourishing the body with nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, grass-fed meat, wild-caught fish, wild rice, sprouted grain bread, and other nutrient-dense foods can help things run smoothly in the body. Avoid snacks and foods made from grain products, processed sugars, farm-raised fish, soy, and other foods that might cause inflammation and hinder the production of cervical mucus. Can I Improve My Cervical Mucus To Get Pregnant? Experts Weigh In. All of Dr. Robert Kiltz’s books about the Ketogenic diet are quite valuable if your primary aim is to decrease inflammation. Here is more information on diet and detox strategies for fertility enhancement.

Stay Hydrated!
Water is vital to the functioning of each and every system, and it plays a role in transporting hormones, developing follicles, and maintaining optimum consistency and quantity in both semen and cervical mucus. Women, be especially sure you’re well hydrated during phases 2 and 3 of your cycle so that you’ll produce fertile cervical mucus. Women with cervical mucus that is too thick to promote conception may simply be dehydrated.

My general rule is no more than five targeted supplements at a time. However, some supplements cross the line and can be considered food. Therefore, we can say that if it comes in a pill, it’s one of the five. If you can spoon it in, shake it on, or drizzle or guzzle, it’s fine to add to your nutritional regime. My favorite additions to increase cervical mucus and support your ovaries are Royal Jelly, Organic Stinging Nettles (tea or infusion), and Hawaiian Spirulina (capsules or powder).

If you’re going for the old-fashioned way and using lubrication, this may be your most important purchase! Choose sperm-friendly lubricants without harmful chemicals. No matter when you are trying to conceive, decreasing your toxic load by making cleaner choices is essential. Petroleum, latex, and mineral oil present in such lubricants can harm sperm cells and may even irritate your vaginal tissues. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up on lube altogether; just start using natural water-based lubricants instead. Honey-Girl Organic Lubricants is a good choice as well as Sliquids Organics Personal Lubricants will inspire some fun and host botanically infused options for your pleasure.

*I am aware that ovulation times vary. I use the 2-week time frame because many women ovulate on day 14 of their cycle.

Jennifer Waters, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac.
Expert in the field of acupuncture and light therapy.

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