Integrative Fertility Tips: Ovarian Health

Integrative Fertility Series/

Ovarian Support:

      1. Priming: laying the groundwork with PRIME: Prepare-Rejuvenate-Illuminate-Myself-Everyday
        1.  Integrative Approaches are proven to improve outcomes
        2. Least amount of intervention
        3. The best thing for a successful pregnancy
        4. How we prepare is how also to prevent miscarriage
  1. Priming: Most important phase/laying the groundwork
    1. Self-Care practices we can use to prepare our ovaries and overall health
    2. Symptoms are signs/signals that something is out of balance
    3. That balance begins/and ends in our psycho-emotional layer of the body, always look at your emotional state first, then diet/interventions second.
    4. Regenerate: Unlocking your body’s radical resilience through the new biology, by Sayer Ji says:
      1. Our symptoms are our bodies’ message that we’re consuming, breathing, or thinking something toxic or biologically incompatible with wellness.
  2. Last session we discussed how our ovaries are very, very sensitive to everything we think/breath, etc. and are closely linked to our creative self. The second chakra/energy center in the body, the spleen chakra is most sensitive to money/control/sexuality/reproduction.
    1. Figure out a way to write out what you are feeling, find a non-judgmental friend to share your feelings openly without getting stuck in them.
    2. Meditation is an effective tool for both allowing the emotions to surface and dissipate
    3. Yoga is  wonderful way to move both energy and emotions through the meridians and tissue
    4. Symptoms are a sign that things are getting stuck
  3. Self-Care Massage
    1. Wonderful way to begin unblocking energy also feelings; move blood and lymph
    2. A lot gets held in the upper abdomen which can decrease energy flow to the lower abdomen
    3. Blockages in the diaphragm/stomach and decrease vital nutrients from circulating freely to the lower abdomen
    4. Arvigo Work designed to help determine if location of your uterus is a cause for concern and possible a cause of your ovarian dysfunction.
      1. Show what can happen if she’s moved out of place
      2. Self Care techniques are designed to help keep her/your uterus/into a proper position
      3. Work the upper abdomen then lower
      4. Find an Arvigo therapist to help you
      5. Other techniques that we offer in the Arvigo work including plant based herbal therapies/ castor oil packs/nutrition & Vagi-Steaming aka perineal hydrotherapy.
  4. Castor Oil packs for inflammatory conditions, breaking down scar tissues and cysts. Can be used on your breasts, liver, lower abdomen
    1. Make it simple and easy
    2. Tons of studies, find out for yourself
  5. PCOS
    1. Very large % of women doing ART have been dx. w/PCOS
    2. 99% of them agree that it is of unknown origin
    3. Invite you to think about cause/effect- if there is a symptom of any kind, we can trace the cause back to something. 
    4. Emotions- stuck feelings
      1. Energetic blockage from anatomical origins
      2. Toxic accumulation- endocrine system very sensitive- we NEED to detox, detox should be a lifestyle.
      3. Heavy metals, viral and bacterial origin
        1. Auto-immune, thank you to Dr. V, love how she talks about the immune system as a spectrum.
        2. Is the body attacking itself or is something else attacking the body?
        3. Daily nutrition ideally supports the body to do what it is designed to do: detox, repair and heal. Email me to receive a recipe for a heavy metal detox smoothie you can drink daily to help offset what can be a daily assault.
        4. Organic rules: Skin vs. no skin. If it’s out of your budget  now, you can wash your non-organic veggies in baking soda (1 tsp. Per 2 cups of water- most pesticides don’t survive an alkaline environment).
        5. Same goes for inflammation- what’s driving it? Is it our sympathetic nervous system? Are we stuck in fight or flight? #1 cause for inflammation;
      4. To Summarize:
        1. Ovaries are sensitive to our outer and inner environment
        2. Have to take an emotional inventory
        3. Have to examine our diets closely–where are you on the spectrum of whole foods and inflammatory foods?
        4. Have to look at the position of our uterus and ovaries as the anatomical position of our organs have a huge impact on circulation/blood flow.
          1. Please know that the most common dx. In TCM of PCOS is Liver blood stasis- if the liver isn’t moving the blood well, we call that a sluggish liver- lots and lots of things you can do to remedy that and it always begins with our mental state
        5.  Have to consider a Detox- lots of options out there, email me if you want some advice or a list of resources. Eliminating what we don’t want, heavy metals, toxins, viruses/bacteria is an essential part of priming. This is how the body unloads in order to function better.  Remember, we are designed to repair and heal, if we’re not, there is most definitely a cause. So, detox is essential.
        6. Repairing your gut is also essential: how well are you digesting your food? You can take the highest quality supplements in the world and if you have “leaky gut syndrome”, then you are not going to absorb the nutrients well. Examine your digestion and elimination. Look at the quality of your poop. 

We can reclaim our health and vitality by removing what the body does not need and adding back what it does.Next week we will discuss acupuncture points you can self-activate and work towards supplements you may want to consider adding into your prime time.  Remember, PRIME means to: 

Prepare Regenerate Illuminate Myself Every day This is how we PRIME!

  • Our bodies are designed to heal; how you feel and what you think matters; 
  • What you do everyday matters the most, true health is cultivated over a lifetime,   
  • Take care of yourself so that you can be of benefit to others. Self-care is the best health-care. 


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