“My mother always told me that inaction is not an option. And neither is going it alone” Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Global Women’s Rights Leader, Executive Director of UN Women

     If you are reading this then please know that you can both take action to improve your egg quality and most importantly, you are not alone.  You are among so many women, regardless of age, that have been diagnosed with “poor egg quality”.  If you are over the age of 35, this can be attributed to  advanced maternal age and therefore indicates that you may have chromosomal abnormalities which can lead to genetic defects and ultimately, failed implantation.  We have to ask ourselves, what is causing this poor egg quality?  Is it simply aging as we define the number of years on the planet?  Why is it that we see so many healthy forty plus year olds and so many unhealthy twenty plus year olds?  

     This decrease in egg quality in young women is undoubtedly due to poor nutrition, lack of minerals and micronutrients in the soil, environmental toxins such as chloroform, DDT, glyphosate and the ubiquitousness of heavy metals in our food, air & water.  When the terrain of the body is compromised due to these unnatural influences, then one becomes a good host of viruses and bacteria to arrive and thrive.  

     Remember, your ovaries are not hanging out in space as we often see them in pictures and graphic renderings- they are sandwiched into layers of muscle &  ligaments and well beneath the fascial layer.  They are directly influenced by blood supply  as well as proximity to the uterus, bowel and bladder, by everything we eat and drink.  The ovaries are susceptible to misalignment due to their attachment to the uterus via the fallopian tube and ovarian and broad ligament.  If you have a misaligned uterus, you are more likely to have ovarian dysfunction.  And, this misalignment will give rise to blood stasis and other patterns of blockage which allows for other problems as well.

Can all of  this affect egg quality? Most definitely.  So, what can you do?

Steps to take to improving your Egg Quality:

  1. Do Nothing: Sit quietly, meditate and rely on your inner wisdom to decide the next steps to take for you personally. 
  2. Seek out a person  or persons to guide you on your journey if you do best working with someone else. www.ArvigoTherapy.com, www.NCCAOM.org are resources for practitioners.  www.CNYHealingArts.com and www.CNYFertility.com can provide you with lists of practitioners in your area.
  3. Decide if you want to daily, pulse or a longer Detox program.
  4. Decide what diet and targeted supplements/solutions you want. 
  5. Look into renting an LED Light Therapy Unit from WatersLight, Jennifer Waters, L.Ac, /Light Therapist: youarelight10@gmail.com
  6. Check out these products and supplements from Standard Process and Molecular Fertility to detox your organs  and dramatically improve egg quality.  www.StandardProcess.com , you can receive a patient registration code/link on my website: www.JenniferWaters.world/solutions : SP 10 Day Detox Program #15010, Ovatrophin, Fem Co (MH), Symplex F, Chaste Tree (MH)

We know that undoubtedly, you are going to benefit from a Detoxification program- otherwise known as “taking the cure.”   This program can be beneficial for your thinking, emotions, hormone balance, organ function and ultimately, to prevent the formation of disease.  Basically cleaning up your inner terrain is going to increase your vitality, health and fertility.  If you feel overwhelmed or daunted by the idea of taking a month or even 3 weeks to dedicate to clean eating, a change in your routine and taking targeted supplements, then I have options for you. from After completing either a 21-28 day Detox program which includes dietary adjustments, possibly colonics, sauna/sweating therapy, chelating nutrients such as cilantro and zeolite OR, doing a Detox Pulse 2-3 days per week regularly, you are going to want to consider including important nutrients which will support the quality of your eggs and ovaries very directly.  A wonderful book to read and website to visit is It Starts with The Egg: How to Improve your Egg Quality, Increase IVF Success Rates & Prevent Miscarriage by Rebecca Fett.  According to Rebecca “many women are told there is nothing they can do to improve egg quality” but this is far from the truth.  Avoiding toxic chemicals, engaging in a detox program that works for you and supplementing with the highest quality supplements designed to reverse your egg quality is entirely within the realm of scientific probability to improve your Fertility outcomes.  

The ovaries are directly sandwiched in and attached to the uterus via the ovarian ligament.  The image above gives us the visual of how intricately the connection is between these vital organs.  The modalities that I have found immensely helpful to detox are: www.Livewave.com/waterslight Glutathione patches are amazing!! LED Light Therapy www.InLightMedical.com is one of the quickest ways to support the body to do what it was designed to do- detox and repair itself!  


Remember, what you think and how you feel really matters! So pay attention and please, get yourself happy.

We are designed to self-heal and repair- work towards creating the environment for that to occur.

What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in awhile so please, make a daily detox part of your life.