Premier Research Labs ( an extraordinary company that sells, among many other wonderful products, the worlds greatest nutritional yeast. Yes, nutritional YEAST!! Those funny, yellow flakes that usually lie dormant in plastic bins along the floors of health food stores across the country. Anyhow, included with my last order was an info. sheet titled, “Five Steps to Great Health”.

5 Steps to Great Health:

1. Restore an Alkaline Body pH: I love this as the first step because as much research suggests, the body can not heal in an acidic state; and most of us are very acidic. There are many ways to alkalize and my favorite ways are with spirulina tabs and/or with liquid chlorphyll. I suggest you ask a local practitioner to give you a kit that will test pH in your urine and you will be able to monitor exactly how fast you can regain the pH balance you need.

2. Normalize Hormone Balance: Looking into the hormone balance, we know that it is our thoughts, feelings, internal organs, foods and every aspect of our lives and what we take into our beings that create hormones. The questions becomes, if one is hormonally out of balance, how to regain that balance? Where to begin? Do we begin changing thought patterns? What do we do when we need more help? Things that I rely on to immediately begin to make changes towards more balance in the body: meditation, pranayama (breathing) are two that will all the mind to soften towards a much more peaceful state; Castor Oil packs for the liver to help soften the liver’s tough edges and Female Tonic, which acts as a uterine lavage to help clean out the uterus of any old endometrium that is hard pressed to let go.

3. Detoxify the Body: Identify where exactly you have accumulated toxins in your body/mind and begin to slowly and steadily pull them out. This is a very common misunderstanding that goes often to one extreme. It is most often the case that one’s own thought pattern is what most needs to change. If you pull toxins out of your colon and never address what is happening to your mind, it will be time wasted. Detox Tea from is a very powerful tea, extremely bitter and wonderful and you can instantly feel the astringent nature of the plants pulling toxins.

4. Eliminate Chronic Infections: This is a tricky one because it is difficult to determine the best diagnostic techniques. However, I highly recommend using Colloidal Silver in many cases of chronic infections.

5. Rejuvenate the Body’s Systems: When in doubt, I always rely on Nettles. Nothing quite comes close to building the body up like nettles. The blood building, mineral rich plant based infusion.