The dark season of Winter is the most beneficial to deepen the stillness within that is always there-just beneath the surface of a very busy mind.  It’s also a great time to detox out whatever may have accumulated during the Fall. Winter is the time to be still, meditate, sweat more, and replenish our adrenal reserve.  Sweating can be done in a sauna, in the gym or on a cross country ski trail. When it comes to detox, sweating is sweating. If you are in the sauna, make sure that you wipe off the sweat as it pours out so that you are not reabsorbing any toxins.  There are many ways to facilitate further detox such as Standard Process’s detox program, dietary adjustments, Ghee oleation or simply adding Zeolite to your daily intake. Remember, detox is ideally done daily not just one week a year. Detox is a lifestyle not an isolated event.