Conception as Receiving: The Heart

The Link Between Conception and the Heart

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) utilizes many physical and psychological approaches to address health issues. TCM practices often include acupuncture, tai chi, herbal products, and more. According to TCM’s ancient principles, every organ has an emotional component, and summer is the season of the heart. In the video below, Jennifer Waters, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. goes into detail about the relationship between the heart’s emotions and the uterine system, especially when it comes to conception. 

What’s Covered in the Video? 

Jennifer Waters, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. begins by discussing how the emotions carried in the heart affect overall health. “We need to maintain our emotional resiliency and the resiliency of our nervous system, which is controlling the endocrine system,” she says. “True intelligent aging is to deal with your negative emotions – it’s not easy work, but it’s well worth your efforts.”

The acupuncturist and light therapy expert goes on to explain how in TCM, the heart has a special, direct relationship with the uterus through the channel called the Bao Mai

This is the pathway by which heart blood is transported down to the uterus. I took a wonderful class with Jani White, L.Ac who says that, “the Bao Mai (as a channel) homes to the heart but connects (literally, networks) with the Bao Gong as a bowel. This parallels the relationship between other channels and vessels that connect a yin viscus with a yang bowel – a zang/fu relationship.”

The uterus’s function are normal only when and if heart function is normal

“The Bao Mai  is what connects the heart literally to the uterus. We have the function of the heart, which is the rate, rhythm, and tone of pumping the blood,” Waters explains. “Then we have the spiritual, emotional component. This is where the heart is able to open up and allow the blood to flow more freely, ultimately sending the fresh, healthy blood to the uterus that it needs to function well.”

With the overarching conversation centered on the heart’s role in conception, other important areas covered in the video include:

  • The issues with program-based healthcare
  • The five-element TCM theory
  • Ovaries and the bloodstream
  • Hormones and the endocrine system
  • Checking in with how you’re feeling and processing emotions
  • Health considerations for summertime 

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The principles of TCM guide Jennifer Waters L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. as she delivers therapeutic services to patients in Syracuse, New York, and across the country. “Disease is complex – health is not. We already know things we can do every day to promote health, and that way, we prevent disease,” she says. “We really need to start focusing on the practices of health, purification practices, regenerative medicine – things that we can do to restore our health.” 

For more information, watch the full Conceiving as Receiving: The Heart on video YouTube or contact Jennifer Waters, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. today. 


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