This dietary preparation for Winter comes directly from John Doulliard DC, author and director of It makes sense that late summer is the time when we have acummulated the most heat internally and that we need to actually clear out some of this accumulative heat before winter begins. Dr. Doulliard says, “If we do no-the heat will turn to dryness and the drynes of winter will accujulate and irritate our sinuses.” This can potentially lead to sinus infections and a cyclical dryness pattern which allows the body to create excess mucous.

Dr. Doulliard suggests that we ” follow natures lead and begin eating 2-4 apples per day from now until Halloween, along with more pomegranates, and other ripe seasonal fruit and veggies.” This is natures way of cooling us naturally and internally.

If you want to take a late summer cleanse and prepare a bit more seriously for what is to come, you may want to partake in his suggested 4-7 day cleanse whereby you drink ghee (see previous blog post about this) every morning. This forces fat metabolism along with a no fat diet. You can eat kitcheree, veggies, hot cereal, fruit, crackers, rice and beans but NO FAT or FATTY foods. During this time of dietary adjustments and ghee first thing in the morning, the body will begin to burn its own fat.

Ghee Cleanse (Not indicated if you have gallbladder trouble or difficulty digesting fat)

First AM

Day One 2 tspns. ghee
Day Two 4 tspns. ghee
Day Three 6 tspns. ghee
Day Four 8 tspns. ghee

(Dr. Doulliard suggests using Herbal Clay (for my suggestion visit externally before showering to further the detox process.

Eve of Day Four

Take a hot bath

Mix 4 tspns. castor oil with the juice of an orange and hot water. Hold your nose and drink castor mix and quickly suck on the orange. 1-4 hours later you should experience a laxative effect.

During the cleanse you can also take additional Liver detox supplements and do other exercises for detoxification: colonics, sweating, castor oil packs and/or massage. I like LIVAmend by

Prevent disease by clearing out internal heat!Please let us know your experiences with this cleanse!