May We Illuminate the World, Cell by Cell, for the Benefit of All Beings.

“Every cell in our body has a photoreceptor which is why light is such a powerful nutrient and vehicle for change.”

“Our ability to both absorb and radiate light directly leads to spiritual development and health. A decreased ability to absorb light leads to a poorer quality of health and most concretely, a SAD state.” Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Light, in the form of L.E.D’s (light emitting diodes), is a very natural and powerful tool that is part of an emerging field called Polychromatic Light Therapy. You can become a Light Therapist similar to becoming a Reiki Master or Acupuncturist. Light is the basic component from which all life originates, develops, self-repairs, regulates and evolves. According to Brian Breiling, Psy.D, coined the term “photo sapiens”, which translates as “the wise, intelligent knowers of the light”. Our imbalances, pain patterns and emotional disturbances may result from our “malillumination” or inability to take in and use light to self-repair. Increased light equals more health and in fact, increased consciousness. Light carries specific information to our cells that are in need and is immediately used for our physical, emotional and spiritual development.

Light strengthens meridian/organ relationship: Since we now know that meridians conduct light, then increasing the light potential of the meridian will naturally strengthen the organ which it governs. How? By donating light, increasing the ATP and increasing N.O levels. For example, if you assess that someone has deficient kidney energy, you will chose points to support the kidney channel and organ as well, correct? Now, you can apply LED pads directly over the kidneys while using needles on the meridians or place LED pads over the meridians as well. Whether or not you use needles along the meridian as well will be your choice depending on how quickly the person is responding to treatment.