How You Feel Matters! Springtime=Liver=Frustration

These are unprecedented times and we need to honor this by PRIMING. PRIME= Participate, Regenerate, Illuminate, Myself EVERYDAY. If you are no longer working and participating in society the way you did previously, please PRIME. If all you can muster up is a playlist, then go for it. The solfeggio tones, which are readily found on ITunes and Spotify, have been known to decrease/stop viruses & bacteria. So crank up the tunes for the benefit of all beings. 

Feelings from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view are connected to one of your organ/meridian systems.  We have to ask, which came first, the organ dysfunction or the feeling? For every negative feeling, there is it’s opposite so you have a roadmap.  It starts with knowing in your mind.  Right now, we are in the season of the liver . Springtime- now until summer when we move into heart. Liver is the wood in TCM, and wood supports fire= heart. The Liver, from a Chinese Medicine viewpoint: 

  • Opens into the eyes (red eyes, itchy eyes, bloodshot)
  • Maintains free flow of qi (opposite of stuck) PMS= stuck qi/ breast tenderness
  • Stores blood, esp. At night which is why if you feel worse in the morning (ie, irritable), we can look to the liver
  • Controls tendons (tightness, numbness, spasms and contractions) 
  • Houses HUN- a name for the ethereal soul, an aspect of consciousness or soul/spirit.
  • Time for the liver 1-3pm/ folks that wake up at 3pm most likely have a liver imbalance, moving from liver to lung (second round of business for coffee shops? 3-5pm- time of UB, 5-7pm is kidney/adrenals- if you work until 5pm, go home, lie down, legs up and REST for even 5-10 minutes.

Solutions for LIVER/GB imbalance meridian. This is from Susun Weed, herbalist extraordinaire: 

Step 0: Do Nothing

(sleep, meditate, unplug the clock or the telephone)

Step 1: Collect Information

(low-tech diagnosis, books, support groups, divination)

Step 2: Engage the Energy

(prayer, homeopathy, ceremony, affirmations, laughter)

Step 3: Nourish and Tonify

(herbal infusions and vinegars, hugs, exercise, food choices, gentle massage, yoga stretches)

Step 4: Stimulate/Sedate

(hot or cold water, many herbal tinctures, acupuncture)

Liver 3- moves the blood/ Liver 14 Exit point

Step 5a: Use Supplements &/or Medicinal remedies

(synthesized or concentrated vitamins, minerals, and food substances such as nutritional yeast, blue-green algae, bran) 

Step 5b: Use Western Drugs

(chemotherapy, tamoxifen, hormones, high dilution homeopathics, and potentially toxic herbs)

Step 6: Break and Enter

(threatening language, surgery, colonics, radiation therapies, psychoactive drugs, invasive diagnostic tests such as mammograms and C-T scans)

This is how we PRIME!

  • Our bodies are designed to heal; 
  • How you feel and what you think matters; 
  • What you do everyday matters the most, 
  • Real health is cultivated over a lifetime,   
  • Self-care is the best health-care. 
  • Take care of yourself so that you can be of benefit to others. 


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