“This planet will continue to present challenges, often in the form of pathogens and other toxic troublemakers, to the people living on it. The human body will continue to hold the capacity for healing- if the coming generations know how to tap into its cleansing rhythms.” – Anthony William, Medical Medium


I believe supporting our mind and body in a positive way will most likely bring positive results. That’s why I have reframed detoxification, which leads one to feeling they are toxic beings, to the more positive purification. Purification practices are many and start with our toxic thoughts, food choices, and the environment we live in. I call it “cleaning up the terrain” of your body and mind. It’s by far the most important choice you will ever make. Stop buying poison in the form of perfume and other self-care and cleaning products that are damaging to your health and reproductive organs. 


I have already explained the damaging effects of the toxic hormone, adrenaline. But what about other toxins such as cadmium, glyphosate and mercury?  Where do they come from and how can they be affecting your health? It is shocking but alas, not surprising to find out many toxins are in our soil which then make their way to our food.  Eating non-organic food has been linked to leaky gut. How? Glyphosate, which kills bugs, makes its way into our guts via vegetables and fruits. This in turn kills the good and beneficial bacteria and fungus in our guts! Beneficial bacteria, known as phyla, is essential to a protective barrier in our GI tract. Without this layer of phyla, our cell walls are damaged and food begins to “leak” out. Even in small doses, this is damaging to our health.  

Home made healthy vitamin-fortified water

How do you know if you need to detox?


If you have any of the following symptoms, you will benefit from regular purification practices: headaches, insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, acne, auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue, a history of mono, PMS, PCOS, unexplained infertility, and even road rage. 


What does detox involve?

First off, you have to decide what sacrifices you are willing to make in your lifestyle. Some folks are happy to jump right into a 10 day cleanse with a restricted diet and Detox Powder shake protocol. If that’s easy for you, then let’s go for it! It’s safe, no starvation and the shake tastes delicious.  Some folks want to engage in the cleansing process a lot longer, say 28 days to do a whole body reset. That is fine also. Most of the patients I have and people I know desire to have a long-lasting change in their lifestyle.  They want to prevent disease without becoming obsessed with a restricted diet and never drinking alcohol or coffee. Moderation is key. 

Here is what I suggest. Fill out the Toxicity Questionnaire and determine your overall toxic load. After that, we can make a plan based on the three levels of detox.  If you are carrying around a large toxic burden, then definitely plan to spend at least 28 days doing your best to eat a very clean diet, avoid coffee (green tea and some black tea is fine) & alcohol. If your toxic burden is moderate, you can certainly gain a lot of benefit from a 10 day commitment.  And if you are looking to prevent disease and incorporate a few modalities into your life in order to keep unwanted toxins at bay, then I have lots of options for you! 


Real health always begins with diet. Our daily nutrition is what makes our blood, builds our bones and supports our organs to function optimally.  Lots of clean, filtered water is a must.  The general rule is half your body weight in ounces.  My favorite recipes are from Anthony William, The Medical Medium. He doesn’t subscribe to any one particular diet but includes a lot of fruits and vegetables into whatever nutritional program you are committed to. The recipes in Life Changing Foods are simply divine. Whenever I make one of his recipes, I feel the best I have ever felt.  From his ginger limeade to blueberry pie, you will feel fully satisfied. There is no reason to crave sugar or crave anything anymore.

Additional purification practices & modalities include sweating in a NIR sauna. Although according to Dr. Pizzorno, my favorite fertility detox specialist, “sweating is sweating”, it sure is a lot faster and easier to sweat it out in a near-infrared sauna vs. a finnish sauna.  NIR heats your body up from the inside out. Finnish saunas heat the air up so the outside in and your jewelry gets so hot you have to take it off! This is not the case with NIR saunas. 

My other modalities, which can be life changing if you are looking to decrease your toxic load and increase your overall health are using the LifeWave Glutathione patches. Y-Age Glutathione reflects particular wavelengths of light, which stimulate specific points on the skin that increase glutathione production in the body. This helps decrease inflammation and increase antioxidant production, all of which lead to a stronger immune system.  Glutathione production supports the immune system, is a master antioxidant, and detoxifier that promotes vitamin A & D production, use before and after vaccination, is an excellent antiviral, a chelating agent that will attach to heavy metals (like mercury) and pull them from the body (excreted in urine), and  great for battling bacterial infections. And the good news is, all you have to do is apply this patch, a wearable technology, that’s easier than applying a band-aid! It’s amazing regenerative science. We have a lot of positive information and innovations available to us in the world of real health.