Understanding & Preventing Miscarriage

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Accelerating Your Fertility Journey

If you are reading this, then I am sorry. I am sorry for your loss and what may feel like the greatest betrayal of your body. To get so close to your dream of conception and then to lose that without any real known cause can be devastating.  And your experience of loss is most certainly affecting your next attempt to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

This information that I have compiled for you is a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the genius of Dr. Royal Lee. Both of these systems of understanding lay out the cause and the correction. You can identify symptoms of early miscarriage and gain the understanding to prevent a threatened miscarriage.  In the lineage of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a cause and correction for every imbalance in the body. The correction for miscarriage is to understand the symptoms of early miscarriage at every stage your fertility journey.

Empowering Your Fertility Journey

When we seek to understand the majority of miscarriages, threatened miscarriage or spontaneous abortion,  we have to look primarily at the endocrine system. What causes the endocrine system to either over or under function?  Let us take a look at Traditional Chinese Medical theory to gain a deeper understanding of the patterns you may currently embody which can lead to early miscarriage.

There are three categories with TCM that are relevant to you; 

  1. Excess Heat Pattern
  2. Stasis or Stuck Pattern
  3. Deficiency or Lacking Pattern

Signs and symptoms of excess heat pattern include hot flashes, night sweats, an inability to tolerate heat, desire for excess air conditioning, an inability to adapt to warmer air temperatures, skin rashes, chronic infection, 

Signs and symptoms of a stasis or stuck pattern include irritability especially in the morning, PMS, painful periods, blood clots, dark circles under your eyes, feeling stuck in general and possibly constipation, fibroids, scar tissue, 

Signs and symptoms of a deficiency or lacking pattern include low back pain, knee pain, fatigue, loose stools, hard time waking up in the morning, depression, low progesterone, inadequate endometrium, genetic abnormalities.

Once we establish your dominant pattern then we can apply the necessary corrections which will lead to optimal endocrine function. Remember, fertility and preventing miscarriage is primarily about supporting your endocrine system.

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Autoimmune Disorders

What about so-called AutoImmune Disorders

What you have been told about autoimmune disease is not logical. Why would your brilliantly designed body begin to attack itself? It would not. That would certainly be the ultimate betrayal.  I want you to think about autoimmunity as a late stage degenerative phase or process. Based on the science discovered by Dr. Royal Lee,  he proved that the autoimmune response is not your body attacking itself, it’s attacking nucleic-acid-containing tissue proteins that do not belong in the bloodstream. Autoimmune is a late-stage degeneration result of a breakdown of body tissue. Your blood is not supposed to be a dumping ground for waste. The lymphatic system has that job. So when these proteins or autoantigens have leaked into your blood, your immune system is simply doing its job by showing up on the scene–autoantibodies are recruited to eliminate the foreign pathogens.

Because the autoimmune phase is not a standalone disease but is a late stage degenerative process, you can see why an invasive procedure such as an egg retrieval could trigger the immune phase in these already compromised glands. Therefore, we can think of chemical pregnancies, spontaneous abortion, recurring pregnancy loss as the autoimmune phase of the uterus and ovaries. To make lasting changes, it is your daily lifestyle that matters the most. Work with Jennifer to determine what patterns you have and the easiest, lasting solutions to achieve a successful pregnancy and healthy, take-home baby.